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Jenna Good: Owner

Jenna easily translates her prior work experience and dynamic leadership skill set to any industry. Jenna believes that strategic development, as well as positive client and employee experience, is key to a healthy business.

Jenna started TGC with over 15 years of experience in customer care, marketing and sales, creative arts, process/project management and building effective teams. She has worked in leadership positions with large corporate agencies, like The Walt Disney Company, Target and Apple, as well as in the private sector

for several non-profits and churches.

In her role prior to launching the consulting company, Jenna worked for BASIN, a rapidly expanding private retail company in Orlando which grew from local partnerships, to nationwide online sales and retail partnerships with HiVee, CVS, and Nordstrom, in just under 2 years. Jenna was instrumental in building the talent pipeline to support this expansion, as well as the corporate infrastructure to ensure its continued success.

Most recently, Jenna has worked with Next Step Realty, Send White Box, C4 Social, MINT Home Loans LLC, Crossroads Community Church, and Zeal Realty, among other companies. 

Jenna holds a B.A. in French and Spanish from Bridgewater College and an M.Ed Teaching and Learning Strategies from Liberty University. When not working, Jenna enjoys yoga, choreographing for the Towson Tiger Gymnastics Team, reading, traveling, singing in a band, and spending time with her husband, David, and baby boy, Joseph!

David Good: Supportive Husband

David has over 15 years of experience in people and operations management, manufacturing, and process improvement. Former director level in beverage manufacturing and current Amazon Operations Manager focusing on Same Day Fulfillment services. David focuses on driving net operating profits through simplified process efficiency and driving manager/employee performance.

David Volunteers his time to Two Goods Consulting as his expert field of service is needed.

Joseph Good: The Motivator

Joseph is a big reason Jenna started Two Goods Consulting LLC. He is joyful and intelligent, and is the team mascot.

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